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The CPW web site says:

"... Inspections are conducted daily, 7 days a week, with the following hours of operation:

March 1st (OR ice off) - March 31st
6am to 8pm
(North Ramps Only)"

It said nothing about "when personnel are trained up". It is poor planning not to have people trained and in the queue for staffing. Since the planning is lacking ... maybe the trainers should man the gates so they remember how cold they get when it's them out there inspecting craft in February at night.
... Problem solved. :-)

Maybe this would inspire better planning.

My recollection is that ice has come off of Chatfield by Feb 15 nearly every year as long back as I can recall ... circa 1985. Or at least half the lake has thawed out by then. I remember on many occasions having to bust through the skim ice at the ramp to get on the water and never had a problem.

Why don't they just plan to open on Feb 1 (global warming) and why do we have to wait for ALL the ice to be off before the docks open? ... just post signs "launch at your own risk". I did it that way for years (at night) without incident.

I feel that if you are hauling ars around CF, or any other reservoir for that matter, when half the lake is frozen ... you deserve to loose your vessel. ARRRGGHHH! The trick is GO SLOW and have a spotter.

The message for CPW is: Light a fire under it boys ... open that lake up!

... and PS: The November 30 closing is totally arbitrary as well!

(and just so you don't forget and get in trouble) ... Happy Valentines Day!


Sorry about the rant but it's frustrating.
Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.


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