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bernie 12-22-2006 11:49 AM

adventure bound at granby
I met 3 clients in a-bay at 830 am. No snow yet at 130pm I got a call saying I was not getting out. About 30" of snow had fell in 5 hours and the wind had picked up on the west end of the lake. I started shuttling my clients out and got the 3rd one out at 4pm.(3.5 hrs of getting stuck ) They decided to go ahead and try to drive out while i went back to go get my equiptment. About 530 I got stuck for the final time and walked back to the truck. (left all mt stuff out there) I chained up my truck got about 1 mile down the road when My clients called and said they were stuck by the tower on the dam. I got up there took the chains off my truck and put them on theirs. thier tires are skinnier then mine so the chains kept slippin off. I got ahold of a freind of mine (yes I do have a freind) and he came out to tow these guys out. They still had one chain on their tire so the one i had was useless. I was towing an 18' enclosed trailer and could not make it anywhere without chains. My buddy came back and towed me to a freinds house. We stood the night there.In the morning after digging him out I went back to get my sled and equiptment(about 8am) I got my last item out at 530pm. the good thing noone got hurt. If you are thinking of comin to granby be very careful this snow has covered some very thin ice and made the safe stuff very slushy. bernie

fly chucker 12-22-2006 11:59 AM

Re: adventure bound at granby
Thanks for the update Bernie. What an effort to take care of your clients. I hope they were appreciative. It sure would be nice to have more business show a similar effort...anyway you should have 3 new loyal clients now.


bernie 12-22-2006 12:04 PM

Re: adventure bound at granby
This story is a big effort to inform everyone about making sure you are prepared. Some of the places we go are far away from civilization and when it gets nasty out there it seems even further. So go prepared.

tal0362 12-22-2006 12:25 PM

Re: adventure bound at granby
Wow, it sounds like a real adventure. Darn I was hoping to get out soon, a lot of snow early on top of thin ice isn't good. Hopefully it is really cold for a while, then we might wind up with two layers of ice and maybe the top layer will be good.

cochise 12-22-2006 01:32 PM

Re: adventure bound at granby
Makes me happy that the days are getting longer now...Hurry up summer.

What a trip to remember....Glad all are back safe.

Mr. Ed 12-22-2006 02:22 PM

Re: adventure bound at granby
Stay safe up there Bernie!

Co.Trout 12-22-2006 03:52 PM

Re: adventure bound at granby
What an adventure! Thanks for the heads up on the conditions.

fishingal 12-23-2006 01:07 AM

Re: adventure bound at granby
Hey Bernie - wow! Good to hear that you made it out ok. And we thought the drama was all down here in town (Denver).

We were wondering if it's getting any better up there. Randy and I were planning on fishing on Christmas Day again this year and were really hoping to get up to Granby and make it 2 for 2, 'cos last Christmas Day was beautiful and we iced some gorgeous fish and had an awesome time. Any suggestions?

And if we can't go fishing, we'll just have to find something else to do. But doggone it, I *really* wanna go fishing! Last year's Christmas ice was, given, a hair on the thin side with soft spots (kept putting my toes through), but it taught me how to be careful and I at least have a self-blowing PFD (I actually do wear this bellyboating), so if I really go, I'll puff up in style. :o

Considering how stuck I kept getting here, we really need a good clearance 4x4 in the future.

Be well and Merry Christmas, Bernie.

fishonn 12-23-2006 10:43 AM

Re: adventure bound at granby
Hope the the Weber BBQ didn't get lost in the snow!

Zman 12-23-2006 10:59 AM

Re: adventure bound at granby
Listening to Bernie on Wickstrom's show this morning made the ice up there sound pretty iffy...with all the new snow on top of thin ice in spots...would be tough to tell and slow to make the ice thicker with the insulation factor of snow...

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