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kastmisser 11-15-2017 06:46 AM

Berkley Gulp
Terry Wickstrom talks about using it for ice fishing in his latest Denver Post article. I was wondering how it compares to mealworms or waxworms. Anyone try it side by side with live bait to compare which works best? I'm especially wondering how it works on kokes.

Fisherguyd 11-15-2017 07:29 AM

I like the 1" Fish Fry in pink color on a small pink or white jig head that lays horizontal in the water, with or without a mealworm/waxworm, I always seem to out fish anyone I'm with

slayerfish 11-15-2017 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by Fisherguyd (Post 2023594)
m, I always seem to out fish anyone I'm with

Oh yeah?>:D

Bronco 11-15-2017 08:43 AM

^ kick his ass Sea Bass

albow 11-15-2017 09:53 AM


IFSHDOU2? 11-15-2017 12:31 PM

works good in Canada...:D:D

rvinson 11-15-2017 01:01 PM

I don't know if Chad LaChance ice fishes but he is the king of using it in open water..... Hit him up on FB and I bet he'd give you info(if he has tried them ice fishing) .... I only mention that because anytime I hear about Gulp products I think of Chad LMAO

Pathway 11-15-2017 01:21 PM

I did extensive side by side testing with Smelly Jelly and maggots many years ago and found no difference in catch rate or size of fish. This was mainly on bluegill and largemouth. I used small Berkley gulp minnows last winter at Vega when the bite turned off and still caught fish. Why deal with maggots in the cold when you can use artificial baits.

leg 11-15-2017 02:09 PM

I have good luck them in open water, not so much under the ice. I may try some smaller sizes this year and see if that helps.

Shoe 11-16-2017 03:15 PM

I saw a Chad LaChance show a while back where he used them for stockers. But, a bare hook may work for those. I may pick some up and see if I can out fish Slayer. ;)


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