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Fordo 04-26-2019 08:50 AM

Donít knock it till you try it dude.

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DGalli512 05-15-2019 11:56 PM

I wish they would put lakers In Dillon

Dr Cro 09-29-2019 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by slayerfish (Post 2078169)
Jeez Fordo thats 10 years worth of fish pics. I caught more poundage than that on Wednesday alone-

touche! Dillon may not be as packed with brutes as antero, Spinney and a bunch of Wyoming lakes I go to that’s for sure.

Fordo the fishery has some brutes for sure as of course you know but an average angler doesn’t know that because they rarely fish the lake and the fact it’s near one of the busiest cities on I70 a lot of avid fisherman don’t go there, which is a good thing. You should let people think it doesn’t have good fish. 😛

slayerfish 09-30-2019 08:02 AM

Hey Cro, You go to Dillhole a bunch this winter and shower us with pics of nice fish--
I dare ya!

Dr Cro 09-30-2019 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by slayerfish (Post 2082525)
Hey Cro, You go to Dillhole a bunch this winter and shower us with pics of nice fish--
I dare ya!

I will definitely focus my fishing on Wyoming lakes and lakes with lake trout in them as well as some other lakes with perch and walleye, goal is to find crappie through the ice.

Also to the original poster. Reason you don't see anyone from i70 fishing is because most people go near the inlet to catch kokes.

dogman 10-02-2019 05:11 PM

That's nice Fordo. I like the inlets on ice.

Fordo 10-09-2019 02:42 AM

Icing Lake Dillon
Dillhole has been very good to me. Starting out, it was just a place close to home where I saw an opportunity with the tourist market up here to maybe have a side gig that would help pay for my fishing habit. I never intended on the business growing so fast and supporting 3 full time guides. I am very thankful to call such a beautiful place my office, and being able to support my family from it.

And ya Slayer, itís not easy like Elevinmile, Antero, spinney and Wyoming. Canít just go stand on a rock with a kastmaster and expect results.

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slayerfish 10-09-2019 08:13 AM

Good stuff, Hamsta!

And Fordo- the places I go aren't easy, I just make it seem that way--;D

waterlike 10-09-2019 02:48 PM

I can confirm slayers watering holes in wy are not easy. Conditions like the Arctic, all day for one fish sometimes. Those are nice fish in the pictures too!

Chief 11-20-2019 11:36 AM

Snake river inlet is frozen kokes are slow

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