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Originally Posted by Mr. Ed
I don't know where you guys are located but there is a blade sharpening place on South Broadway - west side of the road around the area where Milty was.* It's across the street from a trailer place.* They laser sharpen all kinds of blades - from lawnmower blades to chop saw blades to chain saw chains.* Next time I drive by I'll try to get the name of the place.

I'm not sure if they do it, but there is a machine shop on Havana South of Alameda that may be able to sharpen things as well - they do wonders on crank and camshafts and I'm sure they have the tools to sharpen blades.* East side of the road south of Havana and South of the car lots.* It's where the dealerships get their machining done.

Sometimes I wish I kept better track of the names of the places I do business with*
i work for havana auto parts and i wouldn't trust our machine shop to sharpen auger blades, they do real good with a lot of things as ed mentioned, but they don't know a thing about blade angles. i've been there 10 years so i've seen the processes. if it is a chipper blade(serrated) you might be able to touch it up with a file,(that's what i do with mine) if it's a knife edge blade, good luck, i,ve seen many blades ruined by people tring to sharpen them when they don't really know what they are doing. i'm thinking i might just take my hand auger to the mile, i've heard bad things about the dirt and gravel clarity of the ice there..
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