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McFlyAngler 12-30-2016 03:21 PM

Hotspot Midge Fly
Tying these midges is no easy matter. The material list is small, just two color threads and some flashabou, but they are so small, that I have trouble with my not so good eyes to tie them. Your experiences might vary. However they are great for fishing on the san juan river. I lost a few of them my last trip, so this time I need to tie some more up for fishing.

Hook: Daiichi 1110 - size 28
Thread: Ultra Thread 70 - dark brown and white
Hot Spot: Flashabou - hot pink

Djfan 12-31-2016 12:24 PM

Cool stuff! I'm going to try these!

SlabSeeker 01-09-2017 06:43 PM

Chironomids...I don't believe I've seen a color pattern yet that hasn't caught fish at one time or another.

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