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Originally Posted by hobiecat
2. I just got my boat and on my maiden voyage I headed for Pueblo with my wife who happened to be 8 months pregnant. I backed down the ramp perfectly, so proud of myself, and unloaded the boat. I than drove back up the ramp and parked my scout. My wife was holding the boat at the dock and I hopped on in, went back and lifted the cowel on the inboard to air her out before I started her up. Afterall, even with the blower on, I wasn't going to take any chances on gas fumes building up and blowing up my brand new boat. Well when I lifted the cowel, all I could see was about 8 inches of water in the hull of my boat and more rushing in. Damn, I'd forgotten to put in the drain plug. So, I'm looking through the glovebox, checking the whole boat out, but I can't find the plug anywhere. My wife's histerical. "Dave, the boat's sinking. The boats sinking," "What are you going to do?" I yelled out, "Honey, quick, get in the water!" "I need your help!" She runs around the boat, gets in the water and shouts! "Now what? Now what!" I shoutl, "In the back of the boat, underneath the motor there's a hole! Make like the dutch boy and cover it with your hand!" She finds the hole, covers it and I proceed to hustle on over to the marina and buy a new plug." What a gal, eight months pregnant, and she saves the boat. Better yet, twenty years later and I've still got the boat. I mean we're still married.
Wow, she's good.... really really goood!
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