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This isn't quite a fish story, but speaking of snakes.

When I was a kid, living in Monument Colorado, I used to hang out at a taxidermist shop that specialized in mounting rattlesnakes with the heads on, positioned to strike. Boss, the taxidermist, says to me one day,* "Hey Dave, how would you like to make some money."* I was always interested in making a buck.* "Tell you what, I'll give ya five dollars a live snake and three dollars for a dead one.* Sound fair?"* I jumped at the chance and me and my brother were in the snake catching business.* We'd catch thirty or forty rattlesnakes and put them in a fifty-five gallon barrel on the front porch (gotta love mom and dad) and then take em on over to Boss.* It was turning into quite the summer business.

Well, one day me and my brother are out catching snakes when I see one just slithering on down into her hole.* I grab the shovel and start digging her out.* I dig down about a foot and there's a small rock, about a foot across, in the way. So, I lift it up with my shovel and, ping, the snake strikes.* He was coiled up under the rock and had just missed my leg by an inch.* I yell sh** and strike back.*

My brother runs over yelling, "Dave, what's the matter!" I'm thinking he must of thought I'd been bit.* Instead he looks down at the snake and says.* "Damn it Dave!* You gotta be more careful.* You just cost us two bucks!"* * * * * * * * * *
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