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Originally Posted by bardkin View Post
I was gonna hijack an older thread but figured posting new would work better...

I'm thinking of getting into building rods. I already tie my own flies and some other crafts as well so I'm thinking I could do a pretty good job.

**DO IT**

I did watch a you tube video series from flyrodfanatic which I found was a great resource for understanding the basics and getting a good idea of what all is involved. He built a St Croix rod start to finish.

So, here are a couple questions I have:
Fully understanding the differences in action types (light / medium/stiff etc) and understanding the guide spacing, I was wondering if you alter the spacing would it also effect the action of the rod? Say for instance a fly rod has 6 snake guides. What if I added a 7th? What if I went to 5? What if I just strayed from the manufacturers chart a bit so that guide 3 and 4 were larger space, 4 and 5 were normal, 5 and 6 were shorter and so on.

**Look up Static Guide Placement on google**
**adding or dropping guides is a matter of line pickup, the fewer guides, the farther the line strays from the blank when the rod is loaded and the less line is pulled when you set the hook, I'll almost always add 1 guide to the standard 1 guide per foot of rod, plus 1, plus tip. **

Next- Necessity is the moma of Jerry rigging..
Typically when I'm fly fishing and move down the river, I wrap my fly line around the reel and back up securing my fly to some guide mid rod area.
I very rarely use the hook holder because I almost never use less than 9 or 10 ft leader and tippet, and I don't want to fool around resetting my fly line. Therefore, what would be the pros and cons of wrapping the hook holder along the spine at the first eyelet area of the tip of a two piece rod? (mid rod or a little higher..) I can't believe it would change the way the rod casts by any significant amount, especially if it were tied into the wrap of the guide but off set up or down..

**be my guest to change the way things are, you can always remove it later if it doesn't work out for you, it's the same material as the guides are and they don't ever show any wear from acting as a hook hanger in this way**

Lastly, in researching the different graphite rod blanks, I find very few choices for color, and wondered about using a stain of some sort to get different or darker colors? I would imagine that a varnish or lacquer over some paint base would wear badly and crack and chip or am I wrong about that? I know older bamboo rods are finished but they just look better with some wear anyway.

**my recommendation, don't buy a blank for it's color, and you're wasting your time trying to paint a blank. If you were, go to an auto paint store and see if they can slip you in when they paint a car the same color as what you want, a fly rod with how flexy it is, good luck, do post result though, I learned a lot of what I know now from screwing things up.**

Ok, thanks for any advice or tips!

Because they think it's too short....
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