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Originally Posted by lovetofish View Post
More info please, which waters are they planing to stock them, reducing the limits, slot size, etc...
Most of the meeting was us going back and forth on bag limits and slot size. Basically they said since the average angler is stupid enough to not be able to tell the difference between a white bass and wiper it makes sense for them to have the same bag limit...I say fine any anglers getting caught taking the wrong fish and make them learn something. They don't seem to think the bag limit matters because it is harder for people to catch them. Doesn't make any sense to me. They begun with the powerpoint basically explain how freaking hard they are to get and produce and even stock, which left most of us confused as to why a fish that takes them so much effort to get/produce has one of the highest bag limits in the state. Where as the walleye that I think they said they have a 70% success rate with, may be wrong on the number, have a lower limit. People could tell frustrations were rising.We were hammering away at the conservation topic and they kept turning their answers into how difficult the fish are to get which kept leading to why the hell is the bag limit so high question! Not to mention they kept referring to the creel surveys being taken on shorelines...that crap is just stupid imo. Of course the average shore fisherman at randy lakes is fishing for trout or panfish because that's the only thing their likely to accidently catch! If the average angler could accidently catch a wiper then they would start saying that is what they are there to fish for!!! The gist I took from it was: other species are more of a money maker, in their eyes, and they don't wanna risk upping populations to destroy other opportunities...If there was a lake with quality wiper fishing, people would be all over it! Just frustrating but I am also thankful that they took the time to even have the meeting, they do care, just not enough They didn't seem entirely against making it a 2 fish over 16" to solve the problem of people not being able to tell the difference between wiper and white bass, but they also elaborated on the process that goes into changing limit laws and it seems it takes a while. They said that they would continue to "manage" wiper at 90% of the lakes they did in the past, just not sure if manage means stocking 1000 fry that are destined to death...
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