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Default Most exciting catch that was not a fish

Back when I was a little less conservation minded, we were fishing Pleebs around Memorial Day. The wiper and walleye bite was really good and we were fishing from a 32' yacht. We had 3 wiper and 2 keeper eyes on a chain stringer. When I went to load another eye on the stringer I noticed that only the clip was left on the boat cleat, no fish. The chain stringer had broken and the fish were all sinking to their demise.

We stayed on the same anchor while we all tried to snag the stringer, blind, cause we never saw it break. After an hour we had given up hope. I put my rod in a rod holder, and shortly after my rod just started to slowly load up. I went and grabbed it and lifted, to what felt like a snag. As I grabbed the spool to try and bend my jig hook with 10# braid, it lifted off the bottom. At that point I thought i surely had the stringer and as i lifted it further off the bottom it really started to feel like headshakes on the snag. I was pulling it form 28' and i had to be careful pulling it up because it was HEAVY like 8lbs. So i would pull up a foot and it would go back down 6". We were all waiting around to see if I had the stringer. After 20 minutes of cranking we saw that I had snagged some water logged brush. smh

Lesson of the trip, dont use chain stringers. Wish someone else would have snagged the stringer and the fish didnt go to waste, but I doubt it.
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