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I should have mine in the mail by today.

I am not sending any tags with them, instead, I will post the recipe on here. Each set of 4 will be in their own film container.

20 Incher

Hook- 2302 size 12
Bead- Tungsten 1/8" copper
Thread- 70 denier
Tail- brown goose biots
Abdomen- I dubbed the abdomen with some simi seal peacock dubbing to give it a better taper. Followed by 2 peacock herl wrapped up to thorax, cross wrap gold tinsel to thorax.
Thorax- Golden olive simi seal mixed with hareline dubbin antique gold
Wing- Mallard flank
Wing Case- Roughly 10 olive yellow pheasant tail fibers

I tied up about 18 or so of this size and realized that a bit more length to the overall fly might be more representative of a stone. So I tied a half dozen of the following:

Hook- 200R size 12
Bead- 5/32" slotted to allow me to get the bead on the "narrow" bend of the 200R
Everything else is the same, EXCEPT, I used partridge for the wings on this fly.

I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out, so I changed gears again and tied the exact same fly as above with a size 1/8" tungsten bead to give the head a different profile.

I had every intention of keeping my fly pattern the exact same for all 20 flies, but, the more I got into it, the more I began to critique what I was doing.

I believe the shorter variation (TMC 2302 size 12) will fish well, the mallard flank for the legs gives it a slightly exaggerated look, but I think they will look good and move well in the water.

The larger version (TMC 200R with the 5/32"tungsten slotted bead) should get down easier and may represent the larger stones a bit better.

Everyone will be receiving (2) of the TMC 2302 Size 12, (1) of the 200R Size 12 w/ 5/32" slotted tungsten bead, (1) of the 200R w/ 1/8" tungsten bead.

Sorry for the long-winded post, I simply wanted to explain why they weren't all identical!

Looking forward to all of the other ties.
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