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Default Lure fishing on Platte near Deckers

I've been fishing in the northern and central part of the state for over 20 years now, but yesterday I finally took the 2.5 hours needed to drive to Deckers after reading about it for years. I've been lure fishing since I was a kid and have never learned how to fly fish or had the money to get into it. I pretty much do everything else the same, waders, rock shoes, the normal fly fisherman's garb. I also prefer being in rougher water with rocks and trees, instead of the big flat stretches that I see the fly fisherman in. Started fishing at 7am after my drive which started at 4am, I made absolute sure I was in the public parts of the water. At 715 a truck stopped on the road, 2 guys got out and implied that it was "not cool" to be lure fishing where I was at, I didn't argue with them and said sorry, reeled in, and figured I was in a spot that was taboo to be fishing at. I drove downstream another 10 minutes, so I was a bit from Deckers now. I triple checked that I was in an acceptable place to fish and found a spot in between two flat water areas, both had fly-fisherman setup in the flats, but I found a bend where I wasn't in view of anyone and had some rocks to fish around. It was 930 at that point and another older guy pops his head out from above me, he was walking the road, and told me that I wasn't allowed to be fishing with lures in this water. I'm not a confrontational guy and I fish by myself, and I seriously was not interested in a day where I was offending other fisherman. I had some hits but had caught no fish so it wasn't like I was reducing the available allotment, and I decided to leave after the 2nd guy approached me. In total I spent over 5 hours driving and fished for 2.5 hours. The signs very clearly state artificial flies and lures only, but I feel like I was violating more of an unspoken rule, I was using plain rooster-tail spinners. Is this normal? I feel like I've gotten weird looks before fishing with a lure in my waders, but I've never had multiple fly-fisherman say something to me. I probably saw 40-50 fly-fisherman and clearly no other lure guys Sorry, if this is seems more like a vent, really I'm just trying to figure out if I am actually doing something wrong, I spent the whole drive home regretting not asking why I wasn't supposed to be lure fishing.

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