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Default I have a confession to make.

To the Lake Trout Mafia:

In light of the recent topic I created (and since removed) and the responses I have posted in a few different topics/polls I must offer a confession.

The people who know me, well... know me and know that I would not do to the Lake Trout what I have stated I would.

I truely admire your passion, respect your view and support your cause.

BUT, what I do not like is the attacking of others who do not share the same passion, views and support as you do in regards to Lake Trout. Calling people stupid, idiots, and other names is uncalled for especially when these people are following the rules/regulations/laws set forth by the state and federal government. They were only posting the response to a question posed in a topic.

And in the same regards, my responses were uncalled for as well as I was doing nothing more than stirring the pot when I should have answered the questions in a serious manner (as I do more often than not).

All we can do is try to educate those people who do not understand the species. I cannot however say how the best way to do this is, but I would think a less aggressive approach might be better received.

That is all I have.

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