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b.reelz 03-30-2016 12:17 PM

Portion of Blue River looses Gold Medal status
Not really new news, but:

It'll be interesting to see if this decreases fishing pressure in that section. If so, I hope all my fisheries loose their medal!

Bucksnort 03-31-2016 12:57 PM

For 38 years, I have fished many lakes, streams and rivers on the eastern side of the Colorado mountains. I fish these because they were convenient and had lots of trout, making a trip worthwhile. My favorite bodies of moving water have been the S. Platte from Spinney to Waterton Canyon, Clear Creek, Bear Creek and some other smaller streams whose names escape me. I've been to Deckers so many times, I could drive there with a blindfold over my eyes and in reverse.

You will notice I did not include the Blue River. It's just as convenient as Deckers and probably more so because of I-70 and Highway 9. In 38 years, I can count the number of times I've fished the Blue on one hand. There is a reason for this. LOW FISH BIOMASS Many years ago, I chuckled when I read the Blue is Gold Medal water quality. I have caught fish from the Blue but not like I did at Deckers.

Now, because of whirling disease, there are many places along the S. Platte I never fish because of LOW FISH BIOMASS. Two exceptions would be Cheesman Canyon and upper Elevenmile Canyon.

DoctorDooom 04-08-2016 10:22 PM

when your hat is too big it's loose.

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