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Default The Cost Of Fishing

Some years ago I wrote an article for Muskies Inc. newsletter about the true cost of fishing in Colorado. With most of the focus centered along the front range. Like a lot of fisherman out there, I like to fish for a varity of speices and that means going to a lot of different places to focus on a "Hot Bite" or to take advantage known seasonal patterns common to a lot of our front range waters. That also means buying a lot of daily or season passes to access a varity of different waters.
Would like to here some input from this forum reguarding such fees. Westminster, Larmier County, Aurora, Arvada, Longmont, Lakewood, State Parks, Deckers Area parking fees, etc. (I know there are others) all have fees to access waters for fishing.
Also are other cost associated with fishing like license fees, habitat stamps, boat and trailer registration fees and the cost of required boating safety items, just to name a few. I would NOT want to get into what people spend on fishing tackle and other related equipment. (Would not want my wife to find out) That could be another topic, but who cares about that anyhow.
Anyway, your thoughts.
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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

I buy a State Parks Pass. Quincy and Aurora pass. Dialy access fees for other H2o's are minimal(a few bucks here and there). Licensse fees are a write off in my opinion because the money goes to the resource(whether directly or indirectly) as does the random daily fees we fork over. Cost of boat registration and maintenance probably the most significant. All in all it's really not that bad because I play alot of Golf and that eats up about twice what my fishing "habit" does.
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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

I wish I knew more on the subject, but my overall thought is this. *Fishing is expensive. *Excluding tackle all the fees for entrance to parks, and habitat stamps, ect. definately hit my wallet. *But I am always more then willing to pay to keep up the fisheries. *I use the land, let them use my money. *More and more people moving to the state, requires more and more funding, and it is my understanding that if any part of the state budget needs to be cut, it is generally the parks and recreation that get hit. *So if we want to utalize the resource I guess we will have to pay. *After all, if there was no money to keep up these resources, you may have better luck fishing in your gutter for how the lakes would go down in quality.

Another 2 pennie for the pot.

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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

I really do get fed up with each jurisdiction having separate fees to gain access to the fish that our license dollars pay to stock, manage, and maintain. On top of the basic fishing license ($30) and Colorado Parks Pass ($55) if you fish just a few of the local areas a lot you can end up payingf fees like these ---- Aurora Res. $50 annually; Larimer County (Horsetooth, Carter, Pinewood) $75 annual vehicle and $75 boat - $7 each for the day on weekends; ANRA Pass (Granby-Grand Lake) $30 annually; Blue Mesa boat permit $30 annually. It all adds up!
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Mr. Ed
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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

Aside from what has been mentioned - I usually buy a NE State Parks Pass and annual NE license as well. Licensing can be a pain and admission can be a pain but Gas/Diesel is the single biggest expense for me. Not only for the vehicle to get out there but for the boat as well.

In my diesel truck (which gets better mileage than my gas truck) I have to count on about $100 round trip to Lake Mac plus another $30 - $40 for the boat. It's about half that for a trip to Granby or Elevenmile or Williams Fork, etc.

What's worse, is if you break that down to hours worked. How many hours do you have to work to pay for your fishing trip (net of taxes).

It'll send your head spinning!
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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

Id say my biggest expense is gas also. Like I've said before, fisherman bear the majority of the expense to keep parks and open lands running.

Gas, License, entry fees, boat reg, trailer reg etc etc etc. Still think PWC types should have to have some sort of license to operate of our waters.

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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

My biggest expense, by far, that damn place called Bass Pro Shops! For one trip down there I could take the boat to Mac once or Boyd or Horsetooth all year long. Luckly I live in Longmont, so I only "allow" myself down there once every few weeks, though last week it was three trips.
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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

Sportsman's seems cheaper than Bass Pro, at least for the lures I use. Anyway.

My view is that the fees are not excessive. I probably fished 50 days last year, 25 of which were at chatfield. I bought a state parks pass and a fishing license. Went one day to Bear Creek lake park, I think it was $6. So, excluding the cost of fuel and tackle, it worked out to around $2 a day I would guess. I get the same mileage out of my small game portion by spending about 15-20 days hunting waterfowl.

Other outdoor activities seem more expensive. Going out to shoot sporting clays, which takes two hours, is over $50 if you include ammo.

I'm happy to pay the fees to have DOW manage the properties, and I would pay double what I pay now if they raised it and not care at all.

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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

My biggest expense is gas without a doubt.

I don't have a problem paying for park fees. The fishing license pays for the fish. Without that pass we wouldn't the roads, facilities, ect that surrounds those lakes. You always have the option to fish places where you don't have to pay. IMO opinion they'd all be a larger scale version of Brush Hollow. For those that haven't been there it's like fishing around a city dump by the middle of summer. If you get any rain the road is terrible (more so then it normally is) ect. Can you imagine if Horsetooth, Pueblo, or Chatfield was run like that? Not knocking BH. It gets the servicing that we pay for....nodda To me paying $100/yr for license and pass is just part of the cost of doing what I love to do best.

Talk to the guys in MO. When I lived there I don't recall paying for a park pass but my boat/trailor was taxed hundreds of dollars a year. We have it cheap here by comparison.

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Default Re: The Cost Of Fishing

Group A
cost of seeing a shrink one hour a week for a year = $7800
cost of meds to keep you sane in an insane world = $1200
soft dollar costs to your relationships and carreer = Unmeasurable
hours of therapy = 52
Group B
cost of fishin licenses and stamp = <$50
cost of park & lake fees = $0 to $500
cost of gas for transportation and boating = $0 to $500
cost of fishing gear & lures and bait = $20 to $2000
cost of beverages and snacks = $50 to $1000
shore lunch = priceless
finding your happy place = priceless
being able to leave all your problems behind and go fishing = priceless
hours of therapy = as many as possible

as you can see in the above scientific study that Control Group A spends far more money and gets less benefits per dollar spent then Control Group B. members of Group B were found to be happier, more successful and able to maintain a much more balanced life. both groups had a tendancy to stretch the truth but in Group B this becomes a positive bonding ritual. Some members of Group A were not able to afford treatment due to the high costs. because the costs of treatment for Group B were very flexible all members were able to get the treatment they needed with members spending what they could afford to. suprisingly the success of treatment was very similar for Group B no matter how much money was spent. some members of Group B spent very little and received many more hours of therapy then other members who spent the most, so there was no direct relationship between cost and hours of therapy for Group B. In conclusion the study finds that any money associated with treatment for Group B is money well spent. the study also finds that the money spent on treatment for Group B does much to help the enviroment, create jobs, and also boosts the economy in the form of toursim for many small comunities which would otherwise suffer.
Boats Rock!
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