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Default Whats your best fish STORY?

Because things seem to be pretty serious around here lately, I thought this might lighten it up a little bit and the stories would be interesting.* Please keep things honest... at least as you remember it, but please no silly made up stories that are ridiculous.*

Here is a good one from a while back:

I was trolling the damn at Chatfield (at night) a few years ago and it was a nice warm early summer evening with no wind.* Not much happening with the eyes but the small mouths were going crazy.* They were jumping everywhere and hitting my cranks, which is a pain when your trying for walleyes but at least they were bass and not trout.* Anyway I was just about to the bend and I thought to myself, "you better watch out or you'll jump in my boat."* Well, that is exactly what happened!* I was up front in my 14' running the trolling motor and I heard a splash and then the sound of flopping on the aluminum floor back by my gas tank.* Wouldn't you know it, I checked it out and I had a stowaway.* I measured him and he was 14.5" - a half inch short.* I thought about keeping him for two reasons.* 1 -* I didn't catch him, he did this voluntarily and obviously wanted either a ride or to actually go home with me, but I didn't catch him.* 2 - I should remove him from the gene pool for the future of small mouths everywhere.* Well, I released him of course, so he could join one of you guys some night for a quick ride.* This is TRUE but with no witnesses or pics... its just another fish story!
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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

Ok this is my story, once upon a time, was a beautiful day at Carter Res, was out with the family using our Cuddy Cabin Sea Swirl boat, just enjoying the sun while the Line was in the water, When Suddenly I noticed a big Tug on the line and the fishing Pole bended looking like a big fish that took my hook, as I got up my Wife was in front of me and you know the fishermen reaction is to grab the pole and give it a good yank to get a better hook on the fish. I said to my self boy this gotta be a big one!!!, well it turns out it was just maybe at least a 10 inch trout. And I was going to show the wife but she was not on board she was in the water. Yeah she fell over board cause she said I pushed her out of the way just to grab the pole but at that moment I could not remember doing that, I guess all I was thinking was landing that fish.. Lol. Yeah she was upset, but later on during the Denver Boat show she seen this 24 ft Pontoon boat and loved it, and her comments were " with this much room in this boat you can not push me in the water". So we bought it.. So my story is I landed the fish and got a new boat..

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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

mine is short and sweet....ice fishing this year i got a little rainbow, had to be exactly 8" long, cuz he got he off at the hole, and got wedged in the hole, nose to tail! started flapping to get loose, and jumped right out of the hole...best part of story is that my bro was there and didn't see it get off my hook, he just thought i had fish jumping out the hole!!....maybe you had to be there...but funny stuff.
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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

i've had a couple of fish while ice fishing come jumping straight out of the hole after i set the hook. it was like they took off going the wrong way after feeling the hook.
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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

Once on a camping trip I was up in the mountains at yankee doodle lake enjoying several beers with friends doing some trout fishing. I hooked up with a little 12" bow that started splashing on top of the water on the way in. Well out of nowhere this renagade dog dives in the water and grabs the fish, no big deal. Well the dog got to shore and started running with the fish in its mouth and i wasnt about to let him get away with my rooster tail! My drag started to sing and i gave chase. The dog was quite fast and I was no match for him so i had to stop running. The owners called endlessly to the dog to stop but this only angerd the ravage beast so he ran harder and faster, so at this point i had to open my bail. Finally the dog halted its advance with my fish and dropped it and ran back to the arms of the owners. I was able to retrieve my rooster tail but the trout had seen better days. I have never been spooled but this dog would have surley acomplished the feat had he not stopped. For his efforts i went over to the dog and rewarded him with the fish, he was only too happy to accept knowing that he had just put me to shame LOL
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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

My son and me went out to Nebraska last year to fish Swanson Reservoir. We were fishing for cats but I wasn't expecting anything as a storm had just moved through two days prior to us getting there. It was 2:00am and we were both falling asleep when the clicker started to go. My son hollered at me and woke me up and went and set th hook. Just as he set th hook the fish lunged and took off. The line just peeled off the reel. Finally the fish hit the end of the line, gave my son two or three good tugs, and snapped off the line. All my son and I could do was stare at each other in bewilderment.
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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

When I was stationed in Guam I would wade the lagoon between the barrier reef and shoreline fishing the coral heads. One day I had a pretty good stringer of fish tied around my waist. The fish kept getting stuck in the coral as I would wade through it, so I would just yank them free. This one time they got stuck like every 30 sec so I finally got pissed and really yanked them towards me hard. The next thing I know something swims between my legs and it' a Blacktip Shark. So, I haul a$$ to the nearest rock and sit there 50 yards from shore or the reef for the next 30 min until the shark loses interest. As I pull up my stringer on to the rock I notice the flounder at the bottom of the stringer has a perfect shark bite out of him!!!! Here is what my stringer looked like.... But, that did not stop me from wading the flats, the chance to tangle with a Giant Trevally was worth the risk!!!

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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

Similar to your story Heron:
My dad and I were cat fishing one night at Lake of the Ozarks...it was dark and we were idoling out of the dock in a no-wake area. We had seen lots of fish jumping all week...

Anway- we are rigging out stuff up and hear a loud thump in the bow of the boat followed by much flopping. Turned on the light and saw a 17.5" spoobill catfish had jumped right in the boat. Had to release him because he was 1/2 inch short but we both knew that meant we were in for a good night! We laughed about that all week...
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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

Damn Firedawg... reminds me of a similar story.
Let me start by saying that the only thing dumber than the current Redneck me... was the younger Redneck me. I used to wade the flats of the Gulf of Mexico throwing a cast net for mullet. When I'd get fish I'd break their necks to bleed them and make them more manageable. Sometimes I would be 400-500+ yds. from shore and would tie a mesh orange (citrus) bag to my belt loop to put the fish in and drag that bag full of bloody mullet along with me. How I never became shark food I'll never know. I always carried a knife aong to cut the wrist line on the net if I threw over a porpoise or other big ass fish... but never gave that bag a second thought. When I tell people that I should be dead after some of the stuff I've done... I mean it... *
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Default Re: Whats your best fish STORY?

When I was just a young rippa my folks took us to MO so they could visit their friends. Their friends house was right on the Fransis river(think thats what it was call) I fished everyday I was there. Mostly small panfish and a few cats. One day I went out by myself to a spot away from the house. Earier that day my dad and his buddy waded out in the river and caught me a buch of bait(minnows). So I was off with my bucket of minnows and rod in hand. Followed the river for alittle while till I came to a big area of still water thanks to Mr. Beaver. First cast was a little wild and went across the river and into a tree. So i yanked and yanked and it finally came free. With a 3ft branch attached to it but it came free. As I was reeling in my line with 3ft branch in tow I could see following it was a 3-4ft long aligator gar. I know there were gar in there as the were old ones nailed to the trees around the river, but nothing this big. He followed the branch all the way to the shore and than swam off. As he swam off I watched him, re-baited and casted with Bass pro pin point accuracy exactly where I last saw him. 3sec later my bobber was gone. Up stream, down stream, up stream, down stream me and mr. teeth battled. At this point I iddnt know what I had but chances are it was the gar I just saw. By this time my little bro shows up just as im bringing this monster ashore. "Go get Bob, Go get Bob" I yelled to my borther(Bob was my parents buddy). Off he went. While he was gone this toothy monster laid there flopping around. I could hear Garrett and Bob in the distance running to where I was. The fish kept flopping and was getting closer to the water. I ran and grabbed a big branch that I was going to place between him and the water to try and keep him from going back into the drink. NOPE! As I walked up to him with log in hand he chomped down, broke my line and was off, never to seen again. I was so excited I was shaking like a leaf. The one that got away.

[me=Jay] [/me]
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