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Dave M 04-16-2017 01:50 PM

favorite techniques for early-mid spring bass?
asking rookie questions, but I'm trying to get better at fishing for bass around here locally.

what are your favorite ways of catching them during this transistional time of year? last 2 days I tried chucking senkos and i couldn't get any bites at a few of the places im hitting up. I switched it up and starting using dropshots, and it's a bit better except for I'm catching dinks... lol.

i plan on hitting up a lot more local spots besides the ones I usually frequent... (im usually in the people's republic a lot... gonna try a few closer lakes).

kirbydog 04-16-2017 03:10 PM

Jerkbaits, small 3-4" swimbaits and flukes-the fluke bite started coming on for me the past week. Love fishing flukes.

And really, senkos are always good to throw, but you can cover alot more water with the three I named.

da_teacher 04-16-2017 07:42 PM

The past week, lmb have been turning on! Threw a 6 3/4" wakebait yesterday and it got smacked by a piggie! Thought that one was big. I've been trying a new technique (for me atleast -- Ned rig) and think I got my PB lmb. Lipless cranks have been killing it too! Topwater is starting as well.

Ninja 04-16-2017 09:28 PM

I've been doing pretty good with soft plastic paddle tail swimbaits working the like you would a tube jig but with a little higher lift. Most hits have been a slower movements. Also gotten a few on the blade. Got 10 today with one being an absolute beast the came off at my feet-no net of course>:(

da_teacher 04-17-2017 09:25 AM

Caught some pigs the other day -- the beast and my PB with a ned rig on my spinning (FJ 1000 with 6# copolymer), swimbait (River2Sea Swaver 168 with my Calcutta), and got a few with a lipless craw pattern on the Piscifun. Popped the cherry on the Calcutta and Piscifun!!! The P is pretty smooth, super light, casts a mile, uber comfy handles, and is sealed so I can use it in salt! Sweet!

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