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Default Re: Funniest Fishing Experiances.

Just last week I took my two children to the State farm Ponds in Greeley to catch some bass. The fun started when I opened the box of worms, my three year old and my 16 month old went crazy, screaming and crying when I grabbed one and showed it to them. Their reaction was priceless.

Then when my daughter reeled in the first bass, I lipped it and took it right next to my 16 month old son (this is the first time he came fishing). When he realized what it was his eyes got huge screamed and ran up the hill. I had never seen him run so fast. Me and the wife were laughing about it all night long. He will never live this story down.
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Default Re: Funniest Fishing Experiances.

So, me and my son are sitting around one Saturday afternoon, watching the Bass Master's Classic on TV, when he asks me,* "Hey Dad, why do all those guys have those patches all over their shirts?"* So, I try to explain to him how those are the sponsers,* companies that pay him to be a walking, talking billboard.* So, he listens and then he says to me, "You mean that guy really gets paid to fish?"* "You bet," I reply, "and you see that boat he's in, he might have won that in a tournament or a sponser may have given it to him, and if he's really good,* even the truck he pulls the boat with was probably given to him by a sponser."

So, now he's thinking and he asks me.* "Dad, you're a good fisherman.* You catch lots of fish. Why don't you become a pro and get sponsered.* Then, you can make lots of money." Now, I'm about to explain to him how very few fisherman are good enough to be pros, and how it's a very difficult path to follow.* One that demands great sacrifice and perserverence and how only a select few actually succeed, when my wife, who's been sitting in the chair next to us reading, closes her book and simply says. "Bryan, your Dad can't be a professional fisherman."* "Why not Mom?* Why can't he?"* *Bryan asks, "Well Bryan, you see. During the tournaments, they won't let him drink any beer."* *
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Default Re: Funniest Fishing Experiances.

Yeah, you know you got a good group of fishing buddies, when everyone starts giving everyone else a nickname and it sticks. For example, my brother John is "Little John, for all the typical reasons, big guy, a little slow.* Or Jason, we call him "Skeeter" because he's from Minnesota and we call his dad Warren "Big Skeeter."* Because he just didn't like being called "Skeeter Senior."* And then, there's* "Six pack", Darrayl, and no, it's not because of his abs.* And Lou, also known as "Chum Golly" Don't know why, it just seemed to fit.* And Rodger. Well, we just call him Rodger.* Figured his parents had already shamed him enough.* And Jay, "12 ounce-er", not because of what he drinks, but because of the size of his bladder and the frequent bathroom stops we always have to make.* And then, there's Chuck and Clark, "Cluck and Chark"* because they're always hanging out together and when you'd say there names real fast, they'd just always come out wrong.* And me, well, I'm simply known as "The Master Baiter" a name given to me because of my renowned fishing prowness, and yes, before you English majors go correcting me, I'm pretty sure that I've got the spelling right.* * * * * *
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Default Re: Funniest Fishing Experiances.

Well it's only funny because he didn't get hurt...

last time I fished Lon Hagler with my dog, I was leaving and pulled my boat up to the dock, another boat and two fisherman were at the dock already, they were grabbing things out of their truck in between fishing so I talked to them for a dog decided he would like to see what Salmon eggs taste like, only problem was, they were on a hook on one of their poles.

Needless to say, that guy caught himself a 50lb dogfish that day and I think my dog learned not to eat salmon eggs. He was hooked right in the lip, just like a fish! LoL. (Thank god the barb didn't embed in him)
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Default Re: Funniest Fishing Experiances.

I was sitting out on a dock in in the middle of the night in minnesota fishing for crappies. On the dock to the east there was two teenybopper girls and a horny, zit faced teenaged guy. Boy, he was doing everything to try and impress them gals. He would say "I caught this bass, and drive this kind of car and do this and that." well, he's fishing for catfish, and he sets his pole down, sos as better to brag and talk up the girls. I'm looking over there right about the time his rod goes screaming into the lake. He tries to grab it, dives onto the dock to save it. Misses. Then the whole routine changes- " Heh-Heh- happens all the time. So what are you girls doing. Those girls and myself were biting our toungues so we wouldn't laugh to loud.
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