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laker taker 03-22-2006 09:12 PM

Colorado Walleye Assoc. ???
Am I losing it? Did something happen to

I was looking for the next central chapter meeting date. Did the website dissapear, does anyone know?

epic 03-22-2006 09:13 PM

Re: Colorado Walleye Assoc. ???
I think they're going to move most of their announcements to here, and the magazine.

laker taker 03-22-2006 09:15 PM

Re: Colorado Walleye Assoc. ???
Ok, just in the moving proccess then.

setthehook 03-22-2006 09:23 PM

Re: Colorado Walleye Assoc. ???
We have taken down the site for "remodeling". We did that this morning and have a 48 hour period for the host site to clear (per GoDaddy). Check back at this weekend for a new and improved site.

The next central meeting will be at Bass Pro on Thursday March 30 at 7:00pm.

laker taker 03-22-2006 09:25 PM

Re: Colorado Walleye Assoc. ???

Zias 03-22-2006 11:36 PM

Re: Colorado Walleye Assoc. ???
I plan on joining and getting in on some of the tournaments this year.

Thanks for letting us know about the site.

What is the best way to join?

setthehook 03-23-2006 06:11 AM

Re: Colorado Walleye Assoc. ???
A couple of options. Once the cwaonline site is back up, you can print one of the membership and tournament forms, fill it out and mail it to the CWA's PO box OR come to one of the 4 chapter meetings across the state and fill out the forms there. I suggest the latter, that way we can meet you and you get a chance to see what the club is like. Membership is not required to attend the meetings.

If you are in Denver the next meeting is March 30 at BP. If not, we have meetings in Colorado Springs, Loveland and Sterling. PM me or let me know where you live and I can get you date/time/location information.

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