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rangerpage 04-27-2014 08:48 AM

places to fish?
hey all im new to the denver area and Colorado for that matter. im looking for some places to fish. anything from bluegills and crappies to walleyes and trout and anything else that swims! would appreciate some good info! thanks!

Opry99er 04-27-2014 08:54 AM

Welcome to the forum, and to the beautiful state of Colorado!

The search button on the toolbar on the side of your screen comes in very handy! Type in something like "trout" or "bluegill" and see what pops up.

Trout are stocked by the millions, so you shouldn't have trouble finding those. You can also look up the CPW stocking reports for lakes around your area and see what's been put in.

Little hint here, google earth your location, zoom out until you see a good body of water, then do a forum search for that lake's name. You'll get some good info.

Tight Lines!

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