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Ninja 11-16-2018 07:45 AM

New Hobby
When I got back into fishing a few years ago, I was determined to learn everything I could to be a more successful angler. So, I delved into all types of techniques I had seen, heard or read about. That lead to my "obsession" with new lures and baits. As most of us know that can get damn expensive....

While I have a few many types of lures I use from time to time; nothing gives more joy than working plastics. The problem I've found with using plastics is finding a quality jig head that doesn't have the eyes painted shut, comes with shitty hooks or paints that flake off after banging just a few rocks. Those that don't fall into the categories above are hard to find locally, take too long to arrive via mail or cost more because of shipping.

Here's where my new hobby comes in....

I started pouring lead and powder coating my own jigs.

For those of you interested in supporting a local small business; give me a shout or check out "Get Jiggy With It" on Facebook. I have 7 different styles of jigs (and counting) over 30 colors of paints, 4 different brands of hooks in different sizes.

For those who mention Colorado Fishing Forum in their messages/orders I will give a 10% discount on all of your orders.

I am not trying to get rich or grow a huge business. Just cover costs and provide people with a quality local product. It's just a hobby...

slayerfish 11-16-2018 08:15 AM

Working around lead makes you retarded-

snagged up 11-16-2018 08:20 AM


Originally Posted by slayerfish (Post 2073085)
Working around lead makes you retarded-

AAH that explains it.
Now it all makes sense.


Ninja 11-16-2018 08:31 AM


Working around lead makes you retarded-
So does smoking weed:rolleyes:

b.reelz 11-16-2018 10:11 AM

Sounds interesting.
If I wasn't strictly a fly guy I'd order some.

I'm guessing tungsten isn't very popular with the "spinning crowd"?
On the fly side, most of the heavy weighted heads are tungsten.

GRABABREWSKI 11-16-2018 07:18 PM

Fluid bed?

Ninja 11-17-2018 09:36 AM


Fluid bed?
Only for certain brand paints.

TthePikester 11-17-2018 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by GRABABREWSKI (Post 2073133)
Fluid bed?

is that the 21st century PC word for waterbed? ;D

slayerfish 11-17-2018 04:07 PM

It's what retarded guys sleep on-

GRABABREWSKI 11-17-2018 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by TthePikester (Post 2073153)
is that the 21st century PC word for waterbed? ;D

Ah the good old water beds. The motion in the ocean!

Ninja, Looks like some quality jigs!:thumb::thumb::thumb:

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