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First fly I ever tied was a Red Butt Woolly Worm. Red yarn Tail, black chenille body. Grizzly hen hackle. Bead or no bead, this will still catch you fish. Doesn't look like anything, but enough like anything. Gets you used to tying in materials, wrapping thread, tailing, wrapping hackle, tying off.

No fiddly bits like wings, shellback, legs, or any of that stuff. Don't have to be fancy with proportions either.

Best part of Charlie's book is the fact that he starts you on easy, familiar stuff that catches fish. Even if you only tie up a pile of brassies and RS-II's and stop there, you'll still catch fish on the flies you tied. It's great because it introduces you to important things like proportions, handling materials, controlling your thread tension, etc. These are critical steps everybody needs to know.

I still recommend for you woolly enthusiasts to take a look at Gary Soucie's Woolly Wisdom, which is a book with something like 400 patterns for woolly worms, buggers, bivisibles (a British 'dry' version of a woolly worm), and a few things that seem only vaguely woolly. If your wife has already gotten you a copy of Charlie's book for say, b-day or anniversary, ask for Woolly... it's funny reading and has just about every woolly out there in the book. Given, it's not the Complete Orvis Book of Fly Tying, but sure is darn cool.

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