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hi rivrunnr1,
my name is dan and i am a small engine mechanic at the big tool box and i work on manny ice augers each winter, i actually fixed cfgsteak's auger last week and he posted blog about it on the website. sounds like your auger gave you one heck of a headache! any ways as long as you are sure that you mixed the fuel correctly you can rule that one out although it could be an improper mixture but that could mean your of to sportsmans buying a new one! two cycles do have a hard time starting in extreme temperatures but it sounds to me like its either one of two things. 1 it could have old gas in it any gas that you have had for more than 30 days can and will start to mess up the carb on that engine. or2 you may have fooded it, if you pull the cord more than 5-6 times while its on choke the engine will begin to flood. choke it pull it a few times and then take it off choke and it should start. once a flooded engine starts it may sound weak for a minute but just feather the trottle a bit till it warms up. thats the other thing you got to let those things warm up a bit before you start drilling when its that cold or it will stall out on ya. hope this helps you and feel free to ask any more questions you have! Good luck! oh and if you really need help you can bring it in to our repair shop on holy and county line (8080 S. Holly St. -big tool box_
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