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Default 96 Lb. channel cat!

I talked to this guy yesterday I met out in the street. He was mowing my neighbor's lawn. After talking about this never ending summer we then went into fishing. Let me preface this by saying that this fellow looks like a 60s hippie and talks like a blow-hard. My guess is that he has smoked a fair amount of weed in his days. We start talking about Williams Fork first. He starts telling me he has caught 45 lb. pike from there while standing on ladder out in the flats and casting whole suckers at them when he sees them come swimming in from atop the ladder. He tells me he did this while fishing with one of the DOW guys. He also tells me he uses 60 lb. test.

We then discuss Lake Trout at WF. He tells me he has caught and seen caught fish that were 60-70 pounds from shore just after the bouy lines come down. He says there is a spot where the monsters come in by the tens of thousands waiting for spawn.

He then decides to tell me about the 96 lb. channel cat he caught at Sterling Res. that he landed.

Now each time he mentions a fish to me I quote to him what the state record is for that species and where it was caught including the recent cat from Aurora. He tells me the records do not mean a thing and that he never has recorded one of his fish.

My question is this, is this guy high on a lot more than just life or can there be ANY substantiation of these wild tales?
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