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Default Re: Need to push so you have more water to fish! Comment on this before the greenies

Kirbydog, your point concerning the hypocritical behavior of "communist leaders," (itself a term very much at odds with communist doctrine!) is well taken. History is of course replete with examples of selfish "communist leaders." I would consider that issue to have been addressed by the statement that communism has "proven problematic with regard to implementation," though perhaps you do not?

I think communists are at best naive, and at worst dishonest about their objectives. I am certain we will find here few to defend communism with any great enthusiasm!

It has been said that no one ever lost money betting against the intelligence of the public. I would add the idea that the average person is greedy in addition to being stupid. There really are some places that have more value in isolation. I may not like that fact on a personal level, due to my own basic greed and stupidity, but even I can see the utility of such an idea... we are a fecund species, and within our lifetime the bill will come due. It is my fault, and yours. With our consumption we have provided a model for future generations to emulate.

It will be a cluster**** when everyone in China drives a car.

I have no idea of the situation with the lakes you mentioned. From your description, it does very much sound like a violation of the public trust. People in office have an established tradition of violating the public trust, so that comes as no surprise! But it does seem possible that the lakes you speak of represent systems easily damaged and not easily repaired. If that is not the case I seen no reason why they could not be opened to the public, but you and I both know how fast a place goes downhill when the throng is loosed upon it.

I don't know if you have ever been to the Thornton gravel pit ponds. They never represented sensitive habitat to begin with, but they USED to be wonderful, fishy spots. Now they are a trashed out put-and-take parody of their former state. So much for the elusive "responsible public" in that case...

Just to be clear, I am all in favor of access for responsible, well behaved anglers. No doubt many of the people on this site represent that demographic perfectly. But (I am sorry to say) I do not think they represent the majority. Maybe you are more optimistic than I am?

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