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in some situations the glow aspect will others it will hinder. Many times it won't have a big effect either way especially if you don't recharge it with a lightsource before every cast. On ice jigs is when it is perhaps at it's most effective in my experience. Often times it is more about profile/sound/silhouette than anything. At night I would believe that glow would work better on things that are presented right against the bottom and possibly detract from the silhouette of the lure if presented higher in the water column. As for bells........try the new ones from Rod&Bobby that have both bells and a small electric light in them all in one self-contained unit. I used them very successfully while fishing cats last summer and never had one fly off even with big hooksets and extended fights with cats over 20lbs. They run about five bucks each but the light lasts a long time and there aren't any more sensitive bells out there that I have found.
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