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Default Eskimo Auger Fail FYI if you own an Eskimo Auger

Last year on Cyber Monday Dicks Sporting Good had an online coupon for 25% off any single item and free shipping. I was in the market for a new auger and they had the Eskimo Shark Z71 (advertised as the worlds most powerful auger) for $399. After my discount of $100 I figured $299 with free shipping was a good deal.

The auger showed up a few days later and I worked flawlessly for the entire season. Iím estimating I drilled 300+ holes with it. At the end of the season I drained all of the gas out, ran it dry and put it away.

First trip out this year Iím unloading the truck and there is a strong gas smell. I figured no big deal some gas leaked out of the cap. Got to our spot fired up the auger and it was spraying gas everywhere. I checked the lines and everything was tight. Couldnít figure out what was wrong so I borrowed my buddyís auger and got to fishing.

The next day at home I found the problem(s) the fuel tank was leaking around the seam and the gas line had cracked inside the grommet where it exits the tank. I called Eskimo the next day and explained the issue. They told me that was a common problem due to the ethanol in our fuel. Apparently the ethanol eats away the fuel lines, choke bulb, and the plastic tank.

Their solution was to send me a new tank, fuel line and filter. Additionally they let me know that the preferred maintenance for the fuel system was to add Seafoam to the tank and run the auger for 10 minutes every month in the off-season to circulate the Seafoam. They recommend adding Seafoam every time I fill up my gas can to prevent future issues. Iím OK with that except nowhere in the operating manual does it mention this procedure. :P Anyway, if you own a recent model Eskimo Auger you may want to employ the Seafoam maintenance program recommended by Eskimo.

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