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Default Re: Changing the main prop seal on the lower unit of a Merc 115

Originally Posted by TAL0362

So what did you have to do to get those three bearings back where they belong. We could use a smilie for Snicker.
Well I guess I should explain that when you pull the bearing carrier in my particular model, you also pull the entire prop shaft. The "front" of the prop shaft goes into the lower unit and has a metal piece that looks like a bullet at the very end. This piece rests against the shift cam and pushes back and forth as the shift cam is turned. Behind this "bullet" there are three ball bearings that are about the size of 00 buckshot.

When I removed the shaft, the bullet and three ball bearings fell out and the three bearings went straight into the lower unit where the shift cam and other gears are... this area is not easily accessed at all...and the operation would have been out of my capabilities. Needless to say, when I realized what I had done, I freaked!

We had the prop shaft out to do the seal replacement, and wanted to put it back together before we took off the lower unit to change the impeller... well, since the bearings were in the lower unit, we figured we should take off the lower unit and see if we could turn it upside down to let gravity assist!

We did just that, and it didn't work!!! Well at first... then all of a sudden, I look down and there are two ball bearings right on the blanket I am working on... TWO!!! man, you talk about frustrating to see!!! Well, long story short, with another 5-10 min of manuvering the lower unit, we managed to get the third out.

Ok, so here is where it gets a lil' dicey!!! We re-assembled the lower unit after changing the impeller, then we re-assembled the prop shaft and put it back in... no dice... would not seat properly..then when it did, it would not shift properly.

Again, to make a long story short (kinda at this point) the shift cam had moved 1/6th of a turn while we had the lower unit upside down! So we had to take the lower unit off again, put the shift cam in the proper position, and re-assemble!!!

WHEW!!! that was fun.

I am so glad we did this work... we learned SO much about the mechanics of the lower unit in a mercury outboard. Good times! And yes, we tried a magnet the to try and extract the ball bearings before the major operation!
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