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Look man, just go dig through Tackle Underground and you will find pretty much anything you need to know.

I will add a little here, because a little is what I have to offer.

Water based paints like Createx are cool to shoot indoors because they will not kill your neurons, but if you are good with losing some IQ points in the name of high quality paint jobs, go with enamels. I am just about tired of the "safe" paints because the enamels look SO much better. Get a mask that meets OSHA requirements for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and paint outside if you have to.

Topcoats will be the big issue. I have just about decided to say the hell with rotating lures... brush on an THIN coat of whatever epoxy you go with and hang the bastard to drip. Six or seven thin coats of epoxy thinned with de-natured alcohol and left to drip has given me the best results so far. Believe me, I have tried a lot of top-coats.

For airbrushes, I would get an Iwata Eclipse if you can justify the expense. Keeping it clean is a must. They are not very complex devices, you can hack it. The needles are very easy to damage, so be careful. They are also super sharp, so try not to stab yourself.

A good way to practice with the airbrush is to get a piece of slate or chalkboard and just shoot water on it. The water evaporates fast, and it lets you practice lines, dots, effects etcetera without wasting paint.

I don't know what else to add here. There are lots of great tutorials on Youtube, so get after it. I hate painting, it is something I have to do because I am compelled by Satan, so if you get good at it please paint my baits for me. I would much rather be fishing.

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