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Well, here is my .02 worth. Start by brushing with a paint brush to remove as much of the dust as possible. A paint brush has the right amount of stiffness for this job. Reduce the pressure on the brush as you get towards the end of the fins. This will also help to remove it from the rays of the fins, then blow off loose material with some compressed air. Then I would use a damp ( not wet ) cloth and q-tips to remove the more stubborn material. At this point if it meets your satisfaction then stop there. If still dull you can test on backside (not show side) with rubbing alcohol dapmened cloth to see if you get improvement. Make sure after it is dry that you don't have dulling of the clear coat paint. If no ill effects then use on show side. If that doesn't work you can take it to a taxidermist.

I would not use baby wipes because you don't want any residue left behind that dust will stick to that you have to remove later. Also would not put it under water. No real benefit and risks damaging the mount. They are usually just finished with a clear acrylic gloss paint of some sort. The usual process is seal coat, color paint then finish with multiple coats of clear acrylic.

If you are a DIY guy and you want to risk repainting yourself you can mask off the backside leaving about a 1" x 1-1/2" hole in the paper to test for ill effects. If there is no bad paint reaction or color bleeding then you can proceed with the rest of the mount at your own risk. I've used HD clear acrylic for this before and it worked fine.
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