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Dave M 04-20-2016 09:32 AM

Saltwater Inshore setups
@parker Tom @bionic man @mathgeek

Just bought 2 nice rods from eagle claw yesterday. A 14 foot surf rod and a 9 foot medium fast action steelhead rod I figure would be great for pitching on flats in Tierra verde in June. The surf rod I'd use on the beach by the pass. Wanted to upgrade so I can actually do more than sit on a pier and catch sailor cats lol.

What are some good reels that aren't murder on the wallet yet not total Walmart pieces of shit? Was looking for a good spincasting and baitcaster...

slayerfish 04-20-2016 05:07 PM

My salt setup is a 9ft steelhead rod with a symetre 4000. 30 lb braid. Been using the same reel since 1998?

If you go with mono you must have a larger capacity reel to keep enough line on it.

Ive landed a 23lb amberjack on this setup.

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