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36505 05-04-2016 07:10 AM

Planning the summer road trip
This is a two part road trip.
Part 1: Start from Denver head towards Witchita KS - Truman MO - Branson MO - Bull Shoals AR - Drive back to Denver to drop off wife and pick up son Part 2: Valentine NE - Missouri River SD - Minneapolis area MN - Wisconsin Dells WI - Dubuque Iowa - Fish I80 Through NE - Home

We will be gone 25 days. Hopefully lots of great fish and memories.

dallasdb 05-04-2016 01:22 PM

What do you do for work that you can be gone for 25 days?!?!?!?

Dakota 05-04-2016 01:25 PM


slayerfish 05-04-2016 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by Dakota (Post 1781482)

Yup. I hated teachers growing up. They always were hassling me-

36505 05-04-2016 03:09 PM

I work in education. I take my students fishing so I tend to get less grief from them.

Actually I am taking 6 kids fishing this Friday for carp. It will be their first fishing adventure.

Dakota 05-04-2016 03:20 PM

That's great! Have a great time on the road trip.

Bionic Man 05-04-2016 04:02 PM

That sounds like a great trip! Looking forward to the update.

For part two are you going to be able to hit Lake Oahe?

dallasdb 05-04-2016 04:13 PM

Sounds like a dream job Ralpert!

DoctorDooom 05-04-2016 07:57 PM

i was just watching a clip of guys fishing the white river in arkansas for some great browns. go there...

36505 05-04-2016 09:17 PM

No Oahe. We are fishing near chamberlain.

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