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just because a john boat saleman told you canoes are unsafe, dont take it as the gospel. it is NOT the boat but the operator! i remember a while back trapper posted a good sized boat almost going under at P-lo sure there are things a boat can do that a canoe cant but it goes the other way also it really depends on what you want to do

for me i have a little of everything just to cover the bases a float tube, a canoe, and a 16 tri hull for versitility and ease of use the canoe wins hands down, it gets the most use by far. it takes 5 min to load the canoe, padle, lifejacket and just as quick to get it in the water. with the float tube i gotta top off the bladder and crawl into some waders and fins then try to get in the water with out doing a face plant and with the boat i gottas hitch the trailer make sure i got gas then find a ramp

with the canoe i have to watch the weather on the lakes. wind and waves can make for some excitment. but with a little practice and good sense you can stay safe. the only time i ever tipped (other than training) was on the colorado river along the CA-AZ border and i was sitting on top of the stern and we were in the midst of a huge water fight and i got dumped, no suprizes there, i have been out in 2-3 foot chop on mission bay and lake isable both in ca not something i want to repete but we made it back just a little wet from the spray

if i had to give up all but one of my floaties i would keep the canoe hands down!
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