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Default Re: 1eyered, I have a wiper question...hehehe...

Gee, thanks guys I'm blushin. But I've been demoted based on my performance in the last few weeks. I think Wiper_Stalker shall be serving the current term for WIPER WIZARD

Hmmmm.... Mustang: Wiper have a feeding pattern that, well, basically is almost impossible to predict. Figuring it out is not so simple. Predicting a specific pattern is like winning a scratch ticket: You hope for the $10,000 prize, but you'll just win that $1 to go buy another one. And then once in a LONG while, you'll catch on to what they're eating or wanting to eat. Then the next day, they virtually become vegetarians or dissapear and then everyone's gonna get mad at you for keeping one the previous day . "You kept them all!!! All five of em from this here dern lake!!" There are times when they'll bite anything. There are times when 20 to 25 inch wipers will only bite 1/2 inch mini tube jigs. Then there are those times where the top water is the way to go... Then there are those times when only ROTTAL will be catching wipers.

When they're schooling shallow or close to shore, they're either chasing eachother (false spawning attempt) or chasing after food. The scatter problem that HookNLine mentioned was solved by throwing something with less splash (Gulp Minnows) at Union for me, but that's Union. Try different presentations. Sometimes, it aint even the color of the lure or what kind of lure. They want that lure of yours to swim a certain way. I noticed that when we hit Jackson and got them wipers, they'd hit the Rat-L-Trap on the drop and you had to give it some time before the retrieve takes place.

Those monsters at Aurora: I highly recommend trying the 'stocker-trout look-a-like' lures. Or something with that rainbow pattern. If you gotta double rod stamp, have your other rod fished out on the bottom with crayfish tail or mussell. If the bottom fishing stays quiet, try bobber and shiner or bobber and minnow. It's usually one or the other when they're in full swing. Try different times of the day too. Sometimes low light conditions is key. Feeding Time is key, period!!

This morning I was at Union and the shad boils occured between 05:30 and 06:30. Same sh*t that I observed on my previous trip before that which was just a few days ago. When the boils happened more frequently and closer to shore was the times when I actually saw fish being caught. Imagine a school of fish not that large (lets say just 15 to 20 fish) running along the shoreline just once at that magic time picking up whatever they can for that 1st time of the day (Keep in mind, they're still scattered out when not in full swing on feeding). One run for that school and they're full until lunchtime and between that school and the next that runs through... Could be anywhere between a few minutes to half an hour or maybe... That other school did their deed further up the shoreline or something and will never get to you.

They may be running back and forth along that shoreline, but if they aint doing it for food, they aint gonna hit unless you get that poor sap who missed his own feeding time earlier in the day. Wipers are definitely the type of fish that have a distinct "on and off switch". It's best to find out when they're most likely to be ON of course, but some field probing and time spent will get you there. This time of year, you'll want to try either early mornings or late afternoons to dusk. Later on when its the heat of summer, I like night fishing for em.

I hope that gives you the lightbulb, guys. I'm still trying to find my lightbulb cause my 1st one might have blown out. I got skunked this morning, but I'm probably going to go out again tomorrow morning.

Here's an example of today's "Facts analysis": I know they're active, up and running (hence the multiple amounts of shad zippin and splashin across the surface). The shad are big, not small enough for even that 29" Jackson wiper to eat (about half the size of the wipers to 2/3 the size). The wiper will be chasing the schools of shad probably from curiosity(?) as I've seen, in hopes of finding a little guy (just imagine how it will be in late summer after the shad spawn and the shad fry turn to thumb sized shad). The last few i've seen caught in in these last few days were caught in a small window of time (about 30 minutes to 1 hr). The ones I've seen caught including the one's I've caught were in very low light conditions. So far, they haven't gone crazy for bottom fished crayfish tails and/or mussels yet (typical, but a lil late in the year to still be having this type of behavior). No winds, no waves, no ripples might be an explanation of the wipers' short breakfast break. "hint, hint".. They weren't terribly hungry the last two days. The third might be a charm. I'm taking back my belt, Wiper_Stalker!!!
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