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Default Re: 1eyered, I have a wiper question...hehehe...

Sounds like 1eyes got it figured out....

Since its a known fact the wipers there like rainbow trout stockers, use that to your advantage and dress your lures accordingly. Also spooky fish sometimes require downsizing both your line and lure, so you might want to consider breaking out the 6lb test flourocarbon and smaller baits. when im fishing for fish that are cruising shorelines, sometimes you just have to cast out and wait for them to cruise by you before you start your retrieve...this will prevent you from creating a commotion on shore and spooking the fish as you cast, or making a big splash in the water as your lure hits the surface. and remember, as i was once told by an old combat veteran: "if you can see yer enemy, they can see you!"...this applies to fish to even more so---stay low and hidden when fish cruise by, and get your lure well in front of them..and be patient. and sometimes, no matter what you do....well, they just dont want to eat. at least if you cant catch them you can enjoy watching them swim around in front of you...kinda like "Ocean Journey", minus the 14 dollar entrance fee.
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