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Default Re: 9'' auger is it big enough?

ePiC is right...

Circumferance (girth) of a 9 inch hole is 2 times pi times the radius or 2*3.1416* 4.5 inches or 28.27 inches...

Looking at fish charts on line...for instance here is an estimate for a King Salmon...

A king salmon is 52 inches long and has a girth of 30.5 inches.
The calculation is as follows:

Weight = (52 x 30.5 x 30.5) / 740 = (48,373) / 740 = 65.37 lbs.
We dont have any submarines (fish) that big in Colorado...and its girth is only about 2 inches greater than the 28 on your auger...

I saw a lake trout on line that was 37 inches and had a 20 inch girth and weighed 18.5 pounds...

I think you will be very safe with a 9 inch hole...

And not all fish are exactly round...
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