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Default Re: *Tiny Bubbles to zap algae, aid fish at Cherry Creek Reservoir*

Aeration can change the entire dynamics of the lake. Not only can it help remove the unwanted algae but it will help make the entire water column aerated even in the dog days of summer. Fish maybe found deeper under the thermocline because of increased O2 levels that are not generally found in deeper water in lakes that are not aerated. The mixing that is occurs from aeration may also result in a less defined thermocline and a more gradual temperature change.

Aeration will also make changes in turnover. There will be less impact from fall and spring turnover since the water column is better aerated and the mixing occuring.

Fishing patterns will change, it will take time to adapt to the changes. hopefully it will increase the numbers of fish in the lake.

Also expect more recreationa boaters (read skiers and pwc). Cleaner water attracts more people.

All in all I am looking forward to the aeration. It should prove interesting. I am glad they will turn it off in the winter. hopefully there will be a good ice cap.

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