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  1. Ugly Kokanee Snagging on the East River
  4. ACA Custom Jigs TTBC Sweepstakes!
  6. Newb from MN having hard time fishing in CO
  7. Colorado Fishing Museum???
  8. Snagging?
  9. Brown and lakers spawning
  10. Anchors away!
  11. my girl's monster from today!! *added, MY monster from today*
  12. Can you tell what type of Trout these are? Thanks! (My guess is Cutbow)
  13. I am having a tough time posting!
  14. WTF am I doing wrong?
  15. Kastmaster Lure ?'s
  16. New to this forum
  17. 11 mile
  18. Thornton Gravel Pit#3
  19. DOW Zebra inspection in the metro area
  20. the platte!
  21. Trout Fishing with my Father in Law this Weekend
  22. best bass lure for spring/summer
  23. rainbow/brokkie hybrid?
  24. Boulder Creek
  25. Lead ban rejected
  26. How to get my casts out farther
  27. Walleye around the metro
  28. Q
  29. Estes Park/RMNP area lakes
  30. which one would you go to?
  31. Since when does Lon Hagler have Pike?
  32. Going to Breckenridge
  33. Xrap VS Husky Jerk
  34. Bill Moore Lake??
  35. Another newbie question this time about lures
  36. Reel recomendations?
  37. New guy with a ? about Chatfield
  38. Fish ID-is this a crappie?
  39. trimarc
  40. Greeley area
  41. Good places to go while backpacking.
  42. Barr water level?
  43. Spinney and Elevenmile closing to boats 10/31/10?
  44. Keeping 6 Inch perch!
  45. colorado springs area
  46. Canoe and camping help
  47. For those that want a preview of that Fishing Close to Home Book
  49. New MHX rod
  50. Collegiate Bass Championship on Versus
  51. the new guy! what is best combos for backpacking
  52. Recommendation on a anchor
  53. Bait fishing trout
  54. So how do you use these things
  55. State Park Budget Cuts
  56. Lead ban on fishing tackle
  57. Camping/Fishing Help
  58. Nighttime Browns
  59. Crescent Lake, Mackinaw Lake, and surrounding area?
  60. Dynamic Lures
  61. Guanella Pass??
  62. Best place to take a woman fishing
  63. Colo springs Bait locations?
  64. Where is the best place in Colorado to flyfish for 10+lb Trout?
  65. Sangres help
  66. Jefferson Lake
  67. Whats your favorite Ultralight or light combo?
  68. who is going to try and beat itsabigum and me at CWA fall classic?
  69. What road to try a new baby 4wd on?
  70. Father Daughter Fish Near Denver
  71. this is too funny
  72. Angler caught in net of charges for alleged tournament cheating
  74. here are your new fishing regulations
  75. Lake McConaughy
  76. Snap Weights
  77. What are the odds?!!!
  78. Where to go in the morn?
  79. Visiting from San Diego - where to fish near Denver?
  80. Coming from Iowa, need a day spot near Alamosa-Granite-Leadville!
  81. Does anyone know what kind of trout this is? (at Grizzly Lake- near Buena Vista
  82. Fishing the Blue River near Silverthorne
  83. where to fish near Greeley?
  84. Recommendations for winter boat cover
  85. anybody want to run Blue Mesa
  86. Fish Creek Spinners catching cutthroat in beaverponds
  87. Float tubes...again
  88. Big Colorado Catfish
  89. Half price rod sale @ Cabela's
  90. Quick question about Lon Hagler?
  91. South Colony lakes hike
  92. Fly recommendation
  93. Anyone ever seen this?
  94. Technique for 'spinner's & kastmaster's' please
  95. the big one did not get away lol
  96. any one at blue mesa
  97. New to Colorado Flyfishing! Advice needed.
  98. Chatfield Reservoir
  99. Fly Fishing Practice???
  100. Lake Powell Lure selection.
  101. Burbot WR
  102. Recent news on Adams County Fair Grounds?
  103. Help me plan my fishing strategy for Shadow Mountain/Grand Lake this Labor Day
  104. Heart Lake & Deep Lake
  105. lake off hwy 36
  106. Chatfield ponds and cherry creek?
  107. River Monsters
  108. Looking for places to fish, somewhat amateur but really enjoy it.
  109. Thoughts on custom rods??? Why shy away?
  110. Why no more wiper stocking in P-Low
  111. Large spawning rainbow trout
  112. Fishing Videos on line
  113. Tube jig newbie
  114. Pueblo Wiper on Fly
  115. Diamond or Brainard Lake?
  116. Black Jerk baits
  117. Whats the closest bass lake that fishes good in winter
  118. Tommy Valentine - RIP
  119. The Lake has a Gator Problem!!!!!!!!
  120. Questions about bottom bouncers...
  121. What are the Bass Clubs in Denver?
  122. making plastics ?? ?? HELP !!!!!!!!!!
  123. Looking for info on Sawhill Ponds
  124. Remember when the DOW promised to stock 300,000 walleye fry in Rifle Gap?
  126. Catfish?
  127. Gross inlet
  128. Baby Brownies On The Big-T :))
  129. Lip'em & Rip'em
  130. Barr Lake Boat Ramp Closed due to a Sink Hole.
  131. Kokes and shad raps?
  132. Colorado River, State Bridge to Dotsero
  133. Cant Wait!!
  134. How many Dr. Depth users on here?
  135. Anybody fished Elephant Butte
  136. Always been a powerbait or worm guy. School me on trout lures please
  137. FishDr on TV!
  138. Who's getting "high" this weekend?
  139. Need help Fort Collins
  140. Safety to eat fish out of Clear Creek?
  141. Tube and Toon Official Roll Call Thread - Aurora Reservoir 8/21/10 - R U Going
  142. Telluride Area Fly Fishing
  143. John Martin Spillway
  144. Lake McConaughy
  145. Anyone been to O'Haver Lake?
  146. Lake Trout on Lake Granby
  147. MOVED: Utah fishing trip Tiger trout! Pics to be added
  148. Game plan
  149. South Delaney-Invasive Mudsnails discovered
  150. Bingham Lake Wiper!
  151. exploring new water
  152. Need advice for nice place to stay in Gunnison -
  153. Yay the toon showed up!
  154. Burbot in Colorado
  155. Brushy Hollow
  156. Top 5 reasons to buy a really fast boat motor
  157. Modding lures
  158. Bait casting rod and reel for the light weights
  159. Another old boat question
  160. Nebraska Help
  161. Bass from shore (and toon eventually).. Compare and contrast..
  162. Permanently mounting a new outboard to my boat....
  163. Poacher busted at Antero
  164. the old boat
  165. Need Recommendation for four-day fishing trip in mountains
  166. Lonetree
  167. Leader for luer?
  168. Anyone know why they dumping water out of Chatfield?
  169. Cheep (ok inexpensive.. no.. cheep) fish finders.
  170. Kokanee Help!
  171. Marine battery for toon
  172. don't know if you's see this
  173. Organizing Fishing Gear
  174. steamboat in town yampa next week
  175. What lakes in CO do not ice up over the winter?
  176. crappie stocked in pueblo
  177. Where to take my bro in law?
  178. i have a dumb boat question to ask
  179. Yampa River
  180. red line and lures
  181. Fly Fishing in Destin, Florida Area; Tips Wanted
  182. fly fisher people
  183. What are the patches of brown colored water in Chatfield?
  184. Governor's Stream Resolution Task Force Forming
  185. Fishrangler (Daris) state record cat is written up in today's Denver Post!!!
  186. union res
  187. FANTASTIC! pics from a friend...more pics added. (slideshow)
  188. Full Moon Open on TV
  189. Anybody fish John Martin recently?
  190. Need help blue mesa kokanee
  191. Couple rod builds
  192. Help! Honeymoon in Colorado. Fisherman and Fisherwoman
  193. AirBrush work, who paints their own lures?
  194. Solunar Table
  195. Thread Hijacked.. What kinda personal watercraft???
  196. Chatfield help
  197. changing out treble hooks for single
  198. Heading to j mart!
  199. Pine Lake Park
  200. Union Res.
  201. Post your Catfish - Carp Bait Recipes
  202. Silver Jack Lake??
  203. Boat inspections
  204. river below chatty
  205. Questions about rods/reel Mntc and storage.
  206. IMO...
  207. Using Fish Parts as Bait in traps?
  208. PERCH...........PERCH!
  209. SCUM BAG Mike Hart Banned for Life From all Won Bass
  210. Primitive fishing
  211. Evergreen Lake
  212. Biodegradable fishing line!
  213. Antero ?
  214. any status on RMA lately?
  215. Fishing techniques
  216. help with jefferson?
  217. ICAST 2010
  218. Professional Anglers ??
  219. Looking to get a hard body swimbait
  220. Quincy Fashion Police
  221. Wolford?
  222. The Most Unique, Innovative and Strange New Tackle from ICAST 2010
  223. Birthday present to myself...
  224. world record blue catfish
  225. I wanna get high!!! Need advice.......
  226. Boat Registration Assistance Request: Sears Gamefisher Jon Boat
  227. minnows
  228. Bernie Mentioned In New Issue of In-fisherman
  229. Trailer choices for quincy
  230. Where ya gonna get out of the heat?
  231. Forest road 176 southwest from Tolland.. Passenger cars?
  232. Colorado Saltwater Fish Records
  233. Camping near fish?
  234. Advice for camping ner Jefferson Lake?
  235. any one hitting up j-martin this weekend
  236. Rudest Boaters in CO?
  237. North Park
  238. 2010 regional walleye championships. Let's go Colorado!!!!
  239. Fish navigator
  240. Mercury in fish
  241. Dead fish?
  242. Newbe just testing the pic
  243. Blue Mesa Reccomendations
  244. Need a little help.
  245. Russelures
  246. Fishing
  247. It's Too Darn Hot..
  248. Williams Fork/Green Mountain
  249. Please help me beat skunk!
  250. my son's Missouri river fishes