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  1. Colorado Fishing Reports
    This is a picture of a channel cat I finally got out of sinton pond after an hour of bad luck. Apparently though around this time of year there are literally thousands of channel catfish in this pond and probably millions of bluegill. Honestly the amount of bluegill in this small body of water...
  2. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Catfish reports near Grand junction
  3. Out of state fishing
    had the chance to go to Thailand in April and made this little fishing video
  4. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    I live in the Denver Metro area and I've recently become extremely addicted to cat fishing. For the past two or so years I've been fishing at some close by ponds and lakes but the biggest catfish I've managed to catch was maybe 2 and a half pounds. So I was wondering if anyone could give any...
  5. Buy and Sell
    Looking for Shad to use as cut bait. Whole frozen shad or any tips on where I might find some with a net. (I am in metro denver, the counties that do not allow netting shad. Thanks [email protected]
  6. Out of state fishing
    Spent the last 5 days down at lake mac and did a lot of catfishing, water was low but the fishing was great! I spend atleast 25 days a summer out at lake mac and this was by far the most successful trip this year, or really most successful trip in the last few years! I took pictures of almost...
  7. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    This thread will be a continuous one involving metro Denver fishing. I hope to cover all lakes as we hit them up as well as different sections of the Platte. I will cover fish types, water types, tackle, and all kinds of fun stuff. Enjoy, and feel free to jump in. Location reports so far...
1-7 of 9 Results