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  1. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Hello all, Mid March I am going on a trip to colorado springs with my girlfriend. We are doing alot so unfortunatley I wont have lots of time left to fish. I was looking to hit either Dream Stream or 11 mile canyon one of the days we are there. They both have beautiful views, but from what ive...
  2. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Hey Guys, This is a link to a short video of a recent trip I made to see if I could find some rather rare Rio Grande Cutthroat trout in Southwest Colorado. These beautiful fish are only found in approximately 15% of their original range in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Video Link:
  3. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Some days are better than others .... Youtube video found here -->
  4. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Endured below freezing temps (< 0°F) to chase some big rainbow and brown trout at the world famous Toilet Bowl �� Got into some nice one's and put a ton of fish in the net over the course of three different mornings of fly fishing. YouTube video -->
1-4 of 4 Results