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  1. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Fun day a Pueblo Reservoir - Turkey Creek Cove catching crappie, bluegill and a nice wiper on flies. Used a 7 wt floating line with 8-12 lb fluorocarbon tippet, wooly bugger jigs, my own ned rig fly, and a huge articulated streamer to imitate shad. Check out the full video:
  2. Colorado Fishing Reports
    Fished Turkey Creek Cove and had an awesome time catching multiple species, including my first wiper, mostly on fly gear (walleye took a jig tipped with a crawler dangled over the side of the boat near the bottom). Full video:
  3. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Alright, so I usually fish for large species like Largemouth, Walleye, and catfish here in Colorado. But with the bass in the beds and dealing with their spawning, so far all that's truly biting are smaller fish. I've been going for Crappie, but don't exactly know how to target them. So who's...
1-3 of 3 Results