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  1. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Hey Guys, This is a link to a short video of a recent trip I made to see if I could find some rather rare Rio Grande Cutthroat trout in Southwest Colorado. These beautiful fish are only found in approximately 15% of their original range in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Video Link:
  2. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Guys, I did some late winter fly-fly fishing on a well-known and very popular tailwater in SW Colorado this past mid-March. I wasn’t expecting much as I only had a few hours as I was on my way to Gunnison that day. It turned out to be a very surprising and fun afternoon. Here a few images and a...
  3. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Hi Guys, I was up there about 2 weeks to do some fly fishing & photography. In my 20 + years of spending time up there several times a year I have never seen it so crowded. This was confirmed by some of my friends that live or own businesses in Telluride- Crazy busy. Everyone I spoke to agreed...
  4. Colorado Fishing Reports On Friday, July 26th me, my girlfriend, and two buddies headed west around 3pm for our high mountain adventure. Our target was a couple of lakes in San Isabel National Forest. I was able to take my stock 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee up a...
1-4 of 4 Results