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  1. Lost & Found
    Sunday 8/15 my fiancé and I were fishing just down stream of the bridge at flies and lies in Deckers. Basically right in front on the parking lot behind the shop. Anyway I lost my fiancé’s fishpond net :( It’s the mid length nomad net the color is “Riverbed Camo” and it has a black net. I...
  2. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Was another bitterly cold one ... and suffered another loss on this trip ... but still managed to pull off a pretty good day of fly fishing in good ol' Deckers, Colorado. Fishes well anytime of year (just don't expect much solitude!)
  3. Lost & Found
    Most likely a long shot, but I lost a fly box this past Sunday, Nov 15th on Deckers. I was fishing around the bridge area 1.3 miles north of Deckers Corner, by the South Platte River cabin rentals and Lake George Ave. It a clear double sided box containing all of my best ammunition. If anyone...
  4. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Hi, I'm google earthing on this fine Saturday at work, and wondering about the mainstem of the S. Platte after its confluence with the N. Fork and before it runs into Strontia. I can find NO info about fishing this stretch. On Google Earth it looks like good water - higher flow volume after...
1-4 of 4 Results