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  1. Eskimo Quickfish 3I vs. Frabill Bunker 210 or 250

    Colorado Ice Fishing
    Ok, I'm looking to pick up an ice hut for this next ice season. I have narrowed it down between an Eskimo Quickfish 3I and either a Frabill Bunker 210 or 250. I've heard a lot of good things about Eskimo, and the fact that i could pickup an insulated shelter for $220 is great. However, I saw...
  2. What would you do?

    Colorado Ice Fishing
    Ok. This is a two part question. I purchased a Clam BigfootXL4000T. Received it with ( 2) 3/4 in. holes near hub bolt. and 2 in. section of zipper not closing without force Clam will send me a new one only if I cut all logos off shelter including model logos and 6 in of each zipper pull. It...