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  1. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Even though temps are dropping, the Colorado River is hot right now 🔥💥🔥 New to the forum, but looking forward to contributing lots of great content and updates/current conditions from all my fly fishing adventures around Colorado. Here's my most recent youtube video of putting some beautiful...
  2. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    I am planning to hit Quincy Res. tomorrow morning with my 7yr. old daughter, and maybe a few other people if they show. Its been a long time since I have been to one of our lakes. The first time I have hit a lake this late in the season. I have not heard anything big getting pulled out of this...
  3. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Hey guys, I'm headed to the Grand Mesa for 4 days this weekend and I'm looking for advise for a few good spots to fish from shore. I was there in July and had a great outing (9 fish in 1.5 hrs) at a relatively accessible lake but was only catching trout in the 8-12" range. I would love to get...
1-3 of 3 Results