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  1. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Hey everyone, I am currently doing a senior research project on fishing for college. If you are an angler of any kind please feel free to click the link below. I would really appreciate you taking the time to fill out this short survey and help make my senior project a little easier, thanks...
  2. Colorado Fly Fishing
    After what seems like years fly fishing harsh Winter conditions, it felt really good to get out there in some awesome Spring time conditions to catch some beautiful Rainbows, Browns and Brookies. YouTube Video here --->
  3. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Some days are better than others .... Youtube video found here -->
  4. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Actually wasn't freezing for once 😆 Had a great day exploring one of Colorado's best freestone rivers ... and even found a few nice fish! Youtube video here ⬇⬇⬇
  5. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Recently headed South of the state line to check out the San Juan River in Northern New Mexico. Fun day, some nice rainbows, and lots of water to explore. YouTube video here ⬇⬇⬇
  6. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Always a good time fishing the Pan ... but man was it cold! Youtube video here:
  7. Colorado Fly Fishing
    On this cold and windy Winter day, AJ from Colorado Fisher introduces me to one of his favorite stretches of water ... the South Platte River in Eleven Mile Canyon near Lake George, Colorado. We got into some incredible fish and basically had the entire catch and release part of the river all to...
  8. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Was another bitterly cold one ... and suffered another loss on this trip ... but still managed to pull off a pretty good day of fly fishing in good ol' Deckers, Colorado. Fishes well anytime of year (just don't expect much solitude!)
  9. Colorado Fly Fishing
    After several years of going back and forth, I finally invested in a Euro style fly fishing setup. And happy to report that the new gear was insanely effective up at the Toilet Bowl. I caught exponentially more fish, and experienced a lot less complications. Check out the video for more ...
  10. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Endured below freezing temps (< 0°F) to chase some big rainbow and brown trout at the world famous Toilet Bowl �� Got into some nice one's and put a ton of fish in the net over the course of three different mornings of fly fishing. YouTube video -->
  11. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Putting lots of fish in the net on the Upper Colorado YouTube video with all the great action found here -->
  12. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Even though temps are dropping, the Colorado River is hot right now 🔥💥🔥 New to the forum, but looking forward to contributing lots of great content and updates/current conditions from all my fly fishing adventures around Colorado. Here's my most recent youtube video of putting some beautiful...
  13. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on fly fishing for bass at Bear Creek Reservoir. I've heard they mostly like to hang out near the dam side. I have a variety of bass flies, and am looking more for advice on where they like to hang out, and how deep? I have a belly boat/float tube, so...
  14. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Hi! So i am working on the Fathers day gift and need help -I want to plan a trip to a few glacier/ alpine lakes for Trout Fly Fishing for 3 - 4 days. ( I am an avid hunter/ hiker (so I like remote places) thus I was going to get horses to pack in the 5 of us so i dont mind a long hike) (ps...
  15. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Making a trip up there mid-november. Is it worth the time?
  16. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Is it true that the flood changed/washed out almost every stream and river on the east side the foothills (and close to the divide in spots) from south of Boulder to north past Fort Collins (including the Poudre Canyon). My friend couldn't use his toilet at his house for over a month and the...
  17. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Hello and thank you in advance for you help. I will be in Denver for a week in late September for a wedding. I'm making a vacation out of it particularly to fly fish (at least 4 or 5 of the days) and will be bringing my own gear. Any suggestions on a guide service that is relatively cheap for...
  18. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Best fishing trip I've had in a long time. I caught 3 large browns, one of which was about 27". This was a really fun day. I was supposed to fish the Dolores River today, but the river was blown out and super chocolaty. So as I was driving home, I saw some small lakes along the river. They...
1-19 of 43 Results