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fly tying

  1. Point up Laser Bunny

    Fly Tying
    This fly really is awesome! Kyle was fishing this fly last time we went out fishing for smallmouth, and he got quite a few on it. Also, while I was snagging up a few times, he didnt snag once, due to the hook point turned upward. This is a great freshwater streamer, and will catch a wide...
  2. The Baby Bow Streamer

    Fly Tying
    Trout, bass, pike and any other predatory freshwater fish will eat other fish. Small trout are on the meal list for common foods. Even trout will eat trout fry. This rainbow trout streamer will work great for many freshwater species. It moves nicely in the water, and has a bit of a jigging...
  3. Super Simple Fly

    Fly Tying
    This fly is really simple and easy to tie. Beginner tiers will have no problem tying these, and seasoned tiers can tie 20+ of these in an hour. It is a great fly for fishing streams and rivers for trout, and also would work for crappie, bass and other lake fish. This even could work for some...
  4. Jointed Green Dragon with Underwater Footage

    Fly Tying
    I tied this fly out of necessity than anything else. I hit up a small lake a week or so ago, and I had multiple hits but never actually stuck a fish. They were hitting the tail end of the fly, and not touching the hook. So I am tying this fly that will hopefully give me more chances to hook...
  5. Deer Collar Zonker Streamer

    Fly Tying
    A few episodes back on my fly fishing channel, I asked if anyone wanted to see a fly I fought a fish on. This was a deer hair collar head zonker type streamer with some rubber legs and lots of flash. Everyone said they wanted to see it, so here it is. Im no expert at spinning deer hair, but...
  6. Two Bit Hooker

    Fly Tying
    These are quite popular mayfly (baetis) patterns because they sink quickly due to the two beads. Where I was fishing on the Animas, the water was very murky, and I had to get deep to reach them. The trout were looking for mayfly nymphs, and this worked great. Also the flashabou back really...
  7. FS: Fly tying desk, chair, bookself, accessories

    Buy and Sell
    I am selling a like-new, cherry fly tying desk, chair, and bookshelf made by Stoney Creek. Please follow this link to see their website: I mostly am trying to sell the desk, and so would sell that separately. The chair has a break...