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  1. Granby, Shadow Mtn, Grand Lake

    Colorado Ice Fishing
    Ice conditions at Granby is ok with no water showing at edges. Shadow Mountain is showing large portion of open water by canal and canal is ice free. Grand Lake is starting to 'ice off' near the west end from foot bridge.
  2. Who all is attending 3 lakes tourney?

    Colorado Ice Fishing
    Hey everyone, Just thought it would be cool to see what kind of force has at the tourney. Maybe some of us will see each other out there, where ya from and maybe post something about urself in case we see each other can say hello or if someone needs some help I'm sure we...
  3. Granby on Sunday, March 9

    Colorado Fishing Reports
    Got to Granby yesterday (Sunday) at about 8:00 and used a hand auger to get through over 3' of ice / frozen slush (also ice, I suppose..) and about a foot of snow. Fished in 50 FOW off of Sunset and caught around 8 Lakers; missed several others. Biggest was slightly over 20", smallest was a...