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  1. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    The official degree is actually "Wildlife and Natural Resources with an aquatic emphasis", but thats kind of wordy lol. I am raising Largemouth Bass fry at the school, and I am looking for private pond owners who have an interest in taking some for their pond(s) when they mature. No charge, and...
  2. Pre Spawn Pond Largemouth Bass

    April 7th fishing trip to local pond: Caught 13 bass from 7:30-10:30, the biggest was a oz shy of 3 lbs but all were quality largemouth bass. Pond fishing is really heating up and I'm catching females with big bellies full of eggs. It's still early but it's the best time to catch a Hog!
  3. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Hi everyone - I'm new to Colorado and I love most everything outdoors, especially fishing. I'm originally from Minnesota and most of my fishing experience is largemouth bass, pike and walleye. I live in Denver and would like some advice on places to go fishing. There don't seem to be many lakes...
1-3 of 3 Results